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2:10pm, West End ~ I’m of two minds if I’d like to live in this block of apartments‚Ķ on one hand, the residents have an awesome happy yellow greeting when they swipe to get into the car park, but on the other hand – imagine if you had a massive headache and the light was […]

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7:10am, West End ~ It’s all about the texture today! Reminds me of this day¬†a little – just a wall and some concrete, really… (who am I kidding – that’s just about all of my photos covered, right?!) Coffee date this morning, but a mad panic trying to find a lost item meant we were […]

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7:50am, West End ~ Today was one of those days of incredible clarity – I knew immediately the moment I took this that it was my photo for today. To be honest, I pretty much knew it as soon as I saw it. Wow. The colour. The shadows (and their different levels of sharpness). The […]

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