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7:31am, Kelvin Grove ~ Trying so hard to photograph bright things lately and get out of my neutral/blue phase… but I just keep coming back to these! Take today, for example: I have 2 x pink pink PINK photos as well that I like, but this one wins hands down. Weird. I have a sneaking […]

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1:28pm, Kelvin Grove ~ How amazing are those tiles?! Such a weird shape – and an odd colour… they aren’t red, and not quite orange. I saw them the other day and was looking for something interesting to compose them with – found this! Sometimes I find amazing colours and textures – but can’t find […]

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4:38pm, Kelvin Grove ~ Kelvin Grove is one big fat empty spot in my tagged locations map. No idea why I haven’t spent much time in that area – it’s not like it’s that far away! My lovely husband took me for a drive there today, and I think I spent just about the whole […]

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