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7:12am, Hamilton ~ This morning I set off with the intention of going to a vague kind of area‚Ķ and did I have an amazing time, or what?! Beautiful, beautiful light – and I loved it. Hence why this photo is a bit on the late side compared to normal – I got a bit […]

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12:04pm, Hamilton ~ I actually managed to photograph the place on my list today – woohoo! Mind you, I started to get rained on when I took this, and it absolutely pelted down just as I reached the car… so I was pretty lucky, really. I love those blocks in the grey stripe – purely […]

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8:07am, Hamilton ~ Green, green… RED! I noticed this when driving past on the weekend – how funny is it?! So symmetrical and quite neutral until that fire hydrant sprouts up out of nowhere. Someone must know what business this is against (I’m sure many of you have been there before… some more than others!) […]

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