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4:57pm, Geebung ~ Panels of alternating colours seems to be the in thing for construction of new industrial warehouses… and I love it! Unfortunately, it seems to be a large company kind of deal, and they are usually behind locked gates, fences or tight mesh that I can’t take a photo through. A major anti-climax […]

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2:54pm, Geebung ~ I’ve got an irrational fear of someone confronting me about taking photos… it’s not like I’m doing anything wrong, but being female and by myself in an empty industrial precinct kinda scares me a little. Today a car drove past when I was taking this, and they slowed down to see what […]

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4:13pm, Geebung ~ I took a dodgy version of this yesterday, but was forcibly trying to appear casual when a guy walked out of the building next door and looked at me strangely… so I made a (casual?!) beeline back to my car. I try not to act suspiciously, but I’m sure my ‘trying’ probably […]

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