363/36510:06am, Chermside ~ I’m trying to think of something intelligent to say, but I just entered the information from this photo into my spreadsheet and looked at the two empty spots remaining for my last two photos, and I feel a little like throwing up. Compose yourself, Ann…! I’m pretty sure my husband isn’t going to miss my sudden exclamations when he’s driving (interpreted correctly as: ‘Dear husband, can you please pull over quickly because I saw something amazing I would like to take a photo of? Thank you, that would be much appreciated!’… poor guy) – this was definitely one of those. I saw the strongest shadows from the car, but the ones from the screws (?) are an absolute bonus… and I’ll happily admit I was a little excited once I was standing in front of them! That random bit of red and white tape is interesting – no idea why it is there, or what it signifies.


362/3652:10pm, West End ~ I’m of two minds if I’d like to live in this block of apartments… on one hand, the residents have an awesome happy yellow greeting when they swipe to get into the car park, but on the other hand – imagine if you had a massive headache and the light was hitting this? A bit blinding, I think! I love the wavy cement, and how the light gradually falls off down the driveway. It’s such an amazing colour – I had caught a glimpse of this down a random street when driving around months ago but forgot about it… remembered today though!


361/3654:07pm, Airport ~ Back in Brisbane, and I’ve added all the recent information into my spreadsheet and I’m starting to hyperventilate slightly (exaggeration – I’m not sure quite what to feel!)… I can’t believe that this is so close to being finished. On that note – I’m pretty excited to have finally photographed these doors… they are in a very prominent location, there’s nearly always people out the front, and they’ve been on my list for ever. This is far from the first time I’ve planned to take this photo – I’ve chickened out every other time, so today I made my wingman (aka husband!) come with me for moral support. Not entirely sure why I like them so much – I think it’s because they are a combination of so many different styles of fire hydrant signs – you’d think a major motel chain would have their standard signage worked out, right?!


360/3658:33am, Kensington ~ If there was ever a photo that said ‘Kensington’ to me – this would definitely be up there with the finalists. Believe it or not – it’s actually a shed (yep, another one!)… I love the contrast of the window surrounds against the pink sandstone, and the tall keystone. I’ve got no idea how long this window has been without glass – certainly for as long as I can remember. Age is obvious in this photo – from the repair job on the top left to the worn timber and patches of missing grout… I’d love to know all interesting things this wall has seen!


5:13pm, Kensington ~ Another shed to add to the list – I figured a green one was appropriate for Christmas day! I love the light in this – particularly in the top right. Corrugated iron shows directional light in the most interesting of ways, and the shadows really add depth and dimension… I guess it’s just the nature of the material! I like how you can see under the metal door to the wooden one, and how there are so many textures in the worn paint.