details ~ the nerdy post!

I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms. Last night, I got home from class and felt like I should immediately go into the office to copy photos off my memory card. This afternoon I walked out from work and felt like I should be going on a walk trying to find a photo. I wonder how long this is going to last?!

By now, I’m sure  you would have worked out pretty well that I like categorising things I sort photos into colours, I log my daily photo on a spreadsheet and I tag all my ‘rated’ photos with their corresponding location. So, the details below should be no surprise whatsoever! I find this interesting – and I don’t mind in the slightest if you don’t. I’ve shared most of the process on my blog, so figure this needs to be included.

Firstly – some of the numbers:

Then – a portion of the map:

Lastly – the locations and their corresponding quantities:

The main question now is figuring out what on earth to do with all these photos?! I’m going to start posting some of my ‘extras’ because it makes me a little sad that they’ll never be seen… so you’re not rid of me just yet!