about project 365

About project 365 - photos by anniProject 365 is pretty much as it seems – I take photos every day in 2013, and post one photo taken that day to my site. This both forces me to use my camera a lot, as well as pushes me to see interesting images in everyday life. It also means that I always carry a camera with me, and no longer have an excuse for not taking a photo of something cool that I wished I could capture! No more driving past the same thing every day thinking “one day I’ll take a photo of that…” – and then it changing before I made the time to do it. It’s happened far too often… and now I kick myself every time I go past one of these locations (and there’s a LOT!) and I think about what that image could have been. (Could-a would-a should-a, I know)

The rules are pretty basic:

  • The photo must be taken on the day it is posted, and no existing photos can be used
  • I can’t take the same photo twice (meaning the same place on different days)
  • I can’t take any photos at work

There’s going to be days when I come unstuck – and have nearly been some so far (dangerous for very early on in the piece!). It’s going to be hard, but I’m sure at the end of it I’ll be glad I did. I know when I get to the end of these 365 days I’m going to be so proud of what I’ve achieved, and that each image will serve as a memory of the things and places I discovered each day.

Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoy this journey with me!




While 2013 has well and truly been and gone, I’m stuck in this routine with a need to find and take photographs… so this project is far from over!