365/3652:53pm, Capalaba ~ I’ve been known to occasionally (!!!) set ridiculously high standards for some things… and can easily admit that happened to me today. I’ve taken so many photos in so many areas of Brisbane, but I’m just not sure if any of them are ‘good enough’. That said, I’d be happy choosing them on any other day. But… today? Today is different. There’s no tomorrow, no ‘next time’. I need to absolutely love today’s photo, because I’m surely not going to do this again in a hurry! Was a tough choice deciding, but this one was ‘it’. I guess it’s got the things I like – straight lines, bit of concrete, some colourful paint, texture and contrast… but… I’m not convinced that I absolutely love it. Maybe it’s just the significance of the day that’s killing me?!

So… that’s it.

I’m done.