365 days. 365 photos. one creative year.

When I first wrote that, I had no idea what I’d started. No idea what 2013 had in store for me, no idea how hard this would be. All I had was a silly little idea, and a beautiful little camera I’d bought almost purely with that project in mind. I still don’t exactly know why I started – I do know that I had started on a journey of trying to teach myself to notice the details around me, and I figure this definitely fits into that category! A photo a day… how hard could it be, really? I had no clue this would end up being such a personal project, or how difficult it could be trying to share what I’ve found.

There’s been days I’ve been so excited I thought I’d burst, and days that I’ve wanted to curl up in a corner and hide… but every day I’ve made myself go out and take a photo. There’s been days it’s been easy, and days where I’ve been driving around in the rain late at night in absolute desperation. There’s images I’m incredibly proud of, and there’s a select few I’m definitely not – but every single one of them tells a story to me. As weird as this may sound, every image is a visual memory trigger that reminds me of what happened on each day. Watching this fills me with all sorts of mixed emotions – it literally is the last year of my life flashing before my eyes. (Sorry, that’s a bit sentimental, isn’t it?! Not my style!)

This project has become so much more than I ever could have bargained for. I’ve learnt so much, found so many interesting places and spent so much time planning, thinking, walking, driving, writing, processing and much much more! Thinking about all the individual processes makes me so glad it’s over. It’s been interesting to watch myself develop my theme and style (you’ll definitely see that below!), and how I now see things differently. I started off scared of varying situations – I’ve pushed myself so hard (in desperation, most of the time!) that I now feel I can (just about) find something, anything, anywhere…!

So… It’s over. Finished. Done. And I’m not quite sure what to do now. I’m relieved, but sad. Excited, but also a bit sentimental… and the more I think about it, the sillier I feel! Seriously, though… do I take my camera out of my handbag? Do I stop exploring new places? Do I walk past interesting things and rely on my memory to document them? Do I stop? I’m confused. I need to think about it. Guess what? I’ve now got the time to do so (well, soon, anyway)!

…please excuse the low quality video, and dodgy compression.

Without any further ado… this is it. 365 days. 365 photos. One hell of a creative year.