364/36510:02am, Nundah ~ I’ve tried to photograph this spot a couple of times before – the first time was with my first camera, and I spent the whole time swearing at it for not focussing properly (it didn’t help!)… and the second time, there was a delivery truck parked directly in front of it! I love the peeling lettering – it’s not an old building, really, so I’m surprised how weathered the paint is. Lots of great straight lines – I’m intrigued about the dint in the corrugated iron – seems an odd spot and a strange height. See that little square red sticker above the door handle? I’ve noticed a lot of them around – they seem to be associated with electricity in some form… if you know what they mean, I’d love to know! I think I like the person who stuck this one on – nice and straight… plenty of others I’ve seen are not!