363/36510:06am, Chermside ~ I’m trying to think of something intelligent to say, but I just entered the information from this photo into my spreadsheet and looked at the two empty spots remaining for my last two photos, and I feel a little like throwing up. Compose yourself, Ann…! I’m pretty sure my husband isn’t going to miss my sudden exclamations when he’s driving (interpreted correctly as: ‘Dear husband, can you please pull over quickly because I saw something amazing I would like to take a photo of? Thank you, that would be much appreciated!’… poor guy) – this was definitely one of those. I saw the strongest shadows from the car, but the ones from the screws (?) are an absolute bonus… and I’ll happily admit I was a little excited once I was standing in front of them! That random bit of red and white tape is interesting – no idea why it is there, or what it signifies.