334/3654:03pm, Capalaba ~ Two days in a row when I’ve been ridiculously excited about the places I’ve found to photograph… and loving it! Today did not look promising – raining and dull, but I had a little expedition (an awesome one at that!) over this side of town and managed to find some very cool places on my way home. In fact – there were many more detours I could have made, but I had some self restraint and forced myself to leave due to the large amount of work I have to do! Love this – I take it is a new shop and they’ve only half painted it… weird painting method, if you ask me. The lack of symmetry drives me a bit nuts, but I absolutely LOVE (yep, in capitals and everything) the gap for a doorway that’s not where you expect it to be. The handle almost seems to be in the right spot – almost like a doorway of bricks that has a trippy perspective kind of paint job on it!