333/3657:12am, Hamilton ~ This morning I set off with the intention of going to a vague kind of area… and did I have an amazing time, or what?! Beautiful, beautiful light – and I loved it. Hence why this photo is a bit on the late side compared to normal – I got a bit overexcited / distracted and took a while to leave. This was actually on the way home – I drove past and debated going around the block to go back (not an easy spot to do so!) – as you can tell, I did… and as usual, am glad I made the effort. Played hide and seek with a security guard (!!!) as well, got an over-tired headache from the bright sunlight, nearly had a collision with a tradie… and a gate opened as I was taking a photo of it and scared the living daylights out of me. All in all it was a pretty awesome, eventful morning!