332/3656:31am, Ascot ~ There used to be a time that I hated taking photos in strong light… and actually, I think I’ve even mentioned it. I don’t know when that changed – whether it was how I looked at things, the change in where I had to find my photos or if it was simply the progression of the seasons – what I am sure about is that is has been a gradual change, though! My brain processes scenes differently now – I first saw this in soft, even light… but my mental picture of it was it like this. I’m still of two minds if my project this year has been a good thing, or if I’ve caused myself some serious issues with programming my brain over the last 332 days! There are so many pros and cons – I don’t even know where to start. 21 days to set a habit, apparently… I’m pretty sure I’ve got that one well and truly covered.