310/3656:42am, Nundah ~ Today did not start OR end well. I was semi-awake (sure didn’t want to be!) when I went for a drive early to find that every location I went to (ok, there were only two) either had a car or people in it that would ruin what I had in mind. I didn’t even hop out of the car, which is unusual! Took a couple of photos on the way from the Valley to work – I checked these at lunch to make sure I had something suitable, and thought I was all set… until I got home and tried to copy them off my memory card. I guess it had to happen. 310 days with no issues. Today? My memory card corrupted. One photo copied off. That’s it. Yay! Thankfully, I had some software which finally managed to rescue them – but not before I was completely unimpressed with my entire day! Anyway – this wasn’t the one image that copied off the first time, but it is from the same place. Taken whilst leaning out of the car window (grumpy and half asleep), stuck in tradie traffic in a tunnel. Don’t care, I’ve had enough of today… and you sure wouldn’t have known where it was if I didn’t tell you!