304/3658:10am, Valley ~ I’m posting this out of pure protest. To start from the beginning… today really was a comedy of errors. Firstly – sunny, sunny day, so I thought I’d go and take my sunny morning photo in the Valley (which is actually this, but more on that shortly)… but by the time I walked out my front door it was overcast. What the?! Anyway – made it to the Valley, headed to location #1 (still overcast)… road was blocked with roadworks. Awesome. Sun came out! Actually was awesome! Got to my spot. No sun. Argh! Suddenly, sun! Took a photo, but stuffed up my exposure… and by the time I changed the dial, there was a van parked right. in. the. middle. of this. I swore. Pretended to talk on my phone. Fiddled with my settings. Waited. Another car pulled up (see the shadow?). Finally, the van left! I don’t love this, but I’ve tried so hard to get here so many times that I don’t care. Last time, there was no real estate sign, and I swear I never noticed how the sign and the building were on different angles. Earlier in the day would have been better for the shadow, really, but… it’s off the list! Oh yeah – and neutral? What of it?!