303/3658:19am, Valley ~ You know that thing I was talking about? That one where I was consciously trying not to end up choosing neutral or blue photos? Um… yeah. About that…! I am far from being a heart / dolphin / unicorn / [insert stereotypical thing here] / pink / girly girl, so I’m a tad mortified that I’ve ended up with a love heart in my final project images. But – in my defence, it’s black and kinda grungy looking, right?!? I’m going to cling onto that for all it’s worth. Case in point, I guess – it’s hardly ladylike to be kneeling (pretty much) on the curb of a major road in the Valley during peak traffic time to take a photo of this… whilst wearing a dress:)I did at least wait until all pedestrians had gone past, and kept a very firm hold of the bottom of my dress in the wind in an attempt to retain some dignity… the things I do for my photo!