301/3658:26am, Valley ~ I had SUCH good intentions this morning. Up early, and it was super sunny… so I decided to head into the Valley to photograph a spot that has great shadows in the morning light – usually I don’t have enough time! Unfortunately when I got there it was overcast, windy and spitting just a little. Agh! I did find a few things to photograph, but it was incredibly dark so my images certainly weren’t what I was aiming for. A bit annoyed, I casually strolled (definitely not my normal pace!)¬†up and down a few streets on my way to work and decided to head in this direction because I haven’t for a while (and, to be honest… I would have been embarrassingly early to work… again). I guess I should explain that I’ve walked this area/street (what seems like!) a million times in search of a photo – and I’ve never seen this! Never EVER. Seriously, though – I’m a pretty observant person. Maybe I just needed these conditions today? Love the reflection of a reflection going on here, and the three windows that stand out… and definitely the blinds that you can only just see.