211/3657:38am, Albion ~ This is a spot that I’ve been driving past for a long time, and I quite regularly look at this door and think I need to photograph it. It’s been so long that now I’ve got to the point I’m terrified this business will move, or they’ll paint the place, or something else will change how it looks. If that happened before I took my photo, I would forever drive past there and think about how it used to be, and how I should have… blah blah blah. Yes, my memory is that weird, and I do actually think that. A lot. From spots that existed years ago. It’s annoying! Really into yellow lately – which seems odd, as it has been a colour I’ve struggled to find a variety of in the past. I love the variation in the colour on the wall depending on where the light is hitting it, and the markings on the door. Nothing like a few straight lines and colour to make me happy! I’d really like to know what the missing sign on the door used to say… and find it ironic that the sign says ‘Push’ – but won’t that plate (and the hinge direction) mean it could only open outwards? Makes me think of something my Dad taught me a long time ago about the direction of opening gates and embarrassing yourself!