208/3651:22pm, Uralla ~ Today, I’ve come to the conclusion that either I have a sad life, or that 2013 has been one hell of a year so far! I’m going to run with the latter, since I’d like to think it is the most true of the two statements. Why? This is the first day when I’ve not been at my house for part of it to post my photo – on the road today, and I’m currently sitting in the car with a laptop sliding around on my knees. Whilst posting my photo this way is the means to an end, it sucks! We’re on a timeline, so I’ve been glaring out the window at all the towns we go through to see what I use for today’s photo – blindingly sunny, which is lovely but not so much for a photo. Anyway, this is it – and I haven’t missed a day yet… go me!