181/3652:54pm, Geebung ~ I’ve got an irrational fear of someone confronting me about taking photos… it’s not like I’m doing anything wrong, but being female and by myself in an empty industrial precinct kinda scares me a little. Today a car drove past when I was taking this, and they slowed down to see what I was doing – this is perfectly normal, and I’m (mostly) used to it. Threat level is along the same lines of the snotty teenagers that walk past and loudly announce ‘what the **** is she taking a photo of?!?’ and the people who stare at what I’m taking a photo of then look at me strangely… power is all mine, since they don’t see what I see. I casually strolled back to the car, and drove around the corner to another photo spot. I was minding my own business when the same car drove past again (they had obviously been around the block and come back)… but this time they REALLY slowed down, nearly to a stop. In my head, I was imagining they were writing down my number plate or something, so I ignored them until the car went around the corner and then I bolted! I may or may not have checked my rear vision mirrors on the way home more than normal:)Long story to not say much – and I didn’t even talk about the photo!