177/3655:08pm, Valley ~ Some days, this project is (relatively) easy. Others… it’s mighty difficult! Today, I worked hard to find my photo – walked kilometres (not joking) before work with no success, so knew I’d have to find something in the afternoon. This is a far from ideal situation as light disappears rapidly, so I legged it to the Valley in record time. I’ve seen this door before, but thought it would have been painted by now – thankfully not! First I tried taking it from the sidewalk (try jumping a garden bed that’s just wider than your widest step in a business skirt…) – but all that resulted in was a horrible photo that didn’t fit in the top and bottom of the door. So, I then perched myself on the traffic island (not meant for pedestrians!) for a couple of cycles of the traffic lights to take this. Now, THAT was a hard earned photo, and I’m satisfied.