a new home…

Without further ado, I would like to announce that all photos post Project 365 have now moved to a brand new home! Pop over and check it out:)

This change has been on the cards for a while – as I think I’ve grown past my good ol’ 365 days, and it now leaves this page as an archive instead. My 2013 project is something I’m definitely proud of, and I think it deserves a (very small!) corner of the internet to call it’s very own.

details ~ the nerdy post!

I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms. Last night, I got home from class and felt like I should immediately go into the office to copy photos off my memory card. This afternoon I walked out from work and felt like I should be going on a walk trying to find a photo. I wonder how long this is going to last?!

By now, I’m sure  you would have worked out pretty well that I like categorising things I sort photos into colours, I log my daily photo on a spreadsheet and I tag all my ‘rated’ photos with their corresponding location. So, the details below should be no surprise whatsoever! I find this interesting – and I don’t mind in the slightest if you don’t. I’ve shared most of the process on my blog, so figure this needs to be included.

Firstly – some of the numbers:

Then – a portion of the map:

Lastly – the locations and their corresponding quantities:

The main question now is figuring out what on earth to do with all these photos?! I’m going to start posting some of my ‘extras’ because it makes me a little sad that they’ll never be seen… so you’re not rid of me just yet!

365 days. 365 photos. one creative year.

When I first wrote that, I had no idea what I’d started. No idea what 2013 had in store for me, no idea how hard this would be. All I had was a silly little idea, and a beautiful little camera I’d bought almost purely with that project in mind. I still don’t exactly know why I started – I do know that I had started on a journey of trying to teach myself to notice the details around me, and I figure this definitely fits into that category! A photo a day… how hard could it be, really? I had no clue this would end up being such a personal project, or how difficult it could be trying to share what I’ve found.

There’s been days I’ve been so excited I thought I’d burst, and days that I’ve wanted to curl up in a corner and hide… but every day I’ve made myself go out and take a photo. There’s been days it’s been easy, and days where I’ve been driving around in the rain late at night in absolute desperation. There’s images I’m incredibly proud of, and there’s a select few I’m definitely not – but every single one of them tells a story to me. As weird as this may sound, every image is a visual memory trigger that reminds me of what happened on each day. Watching this fills me with all sorts of mixed emotions – it literally is the last year of my life flashing before my eyes. (Sorry, that’s a bit sentimental, isn’t it?! Not my style!)

This project has become so much more than I ever could have bargained for. I’ve learnt so much, found so many interesting places and spent so much time planning, thinking, walking, driving, writing, processing and much much more! Thinking about all the individual processes makes me so glad it’s over. It’s been interesting to watch myself develop my theme and style (you’ll definitely see that below!), and how I now see things differently. I started off scared of varying situations – I’ve pushed myself so hard (in desperation, most of the time!) that I now feel I can (just about) find something, anything, anywhere…!

So… It’s over. Finished. Done. And I’m not quite sure what to do now. I’m relieved, but sad. Excited, but also a bit sentimental… and the more I think about it, the sillier I feel! Seriously, though… do I take my camera out of my handbag? Do I stop exploring new places? Do I walk past interesting things and rely on my memory to document them? Do I stop? I’m confused. I need to think about it. Guess what? I’ve now got the time to do so (well, soon, anyway)!

…please excuse the low quality video, and dodgy compression.

Without any further ado… this is it. 365 days. 365 photos. One hell of a creative year.


365/3652:53pm, Capalaba ~ I’ve been known to occasionally (!!!) set ridiculously high standards for some things… and can easily admit that happened to me today. I’ve taken so many photos in so many areas of Brisbane, but I’m just not sure if any of them are ‘good enough’. That said, I’d be happy choosing them on any other day. But… today? Today is different. There’s no tomorrow, no ‘next time’. I need to absolutely love today’s photo, because I’m surely not going to do this again in a hurry! Was a tough choice deciding, but this one was ‘it’. I guess it’s got the things I like – straight lines, bit of concrete, some colourful paint, texture and contrast… but… I’m not convinced that I absolutely love it. Maybe it’s just the significance of the day that’s killing me?!

So… that’s it.

I’m done.


364/36510:02am, Nundah ~ I’ve tried to photograph this spot a couple of times before – the first time was with my first camera, and I spent the whole time swearing at it for not focussing properly (it didn’t help!)… and the second time, there was a delivery truck parked directly in front of it! I love the peeling lettering – it’s not an old building, really, so I’m surprised how weathered the paint is. Lots of great straight lines – I’m intrigued about the dint in the corrugated iron – seems an odd spot and a strange height. See that little square red sticker above the door handle? I’ve noticed a lot of them around – they seem to be associated with electricity in some form… if you know what they mean, I’d love to know! I think I like the person who stuck this one on – nice and straight… plenty of others I’ve seen are not!